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Education is the mother to other programs, it gives us the direct link to the community through the vulnerable children we serve in school.

The activities were rolled as highlighted below:

This far, we have enrolled a total of 233 number of  vulnerable children who are our direct beneficiary, Unfortunately we lost one who died of sickle cell anemia in early February this year

We have 14 teaching staffs and the two volunteer teachers.

The environment at VFM is so conducive with all learning and playing equipment in place. To maintain this, we involve children in planting trees along the school fence and ensures that the school cleanliness is maintained by involving grounds men and VFM children.

New curriculum

Kenyan government is implementing the new curriculum that is competency based. This is done in the ECDE Centre and lower primary grades 1, 2 and 3 to start with. We have adopted this too.

Teachers’ capacity building

 All our teachers went through a three day induction on new curriculum delivery, one held in Kisumu and two other held in Mbita sub-county. VFM in partnership with the Rusinga zonal office supported the two meetings that inducted 56 primary school teachers.

The trainings ensured that teachers had the capacity to deliver the new curriculum that is competency based.


All the books we bought for grades 1, 2 and 3 were unfortunately faced out with the new curriculum. However we managed to buy new ones at the ratio of 1:2 with participation of VFM and the community members.

Soft boards

Community involvement in education

The government policy that offer opportunity for the community to manage their schools has increased community involvement in monitoring educational activities


We have also recorded an improved performance in class and in the outdoor activities.

Life skills at school

Pupils are taken through various life skills on honesty and how to be one another keepers, this is to enhance their relationship in school at home and community at large. This we extend to the neighboring schools too.

Play grounds

Several safety assessments have been carried out by the ministry of education and our play-ground certified though small in size.

Figure 5 Children at playing time


For the first time in our operation, VFM participated in base- ball games with other thirteen schools.

Eleven children from VFM got opportunity to play soccer in a zonal level that brings players from the three bases.

Unfortunately one of our best player Tony broke his arm which has been fixed by a physiotherapist.

We purchased and installed 4 water tanks in school, to ensure steady water supply. This was installed in a way that we can use rain water and waterfrom our lake source.

School safety- VFM

Seven fire-fighting equipment were installed in the kitchen area and in the corridors. This is to help in the case of fire outbreak in school. Children were trained on safety precaution in case this occurs. 

Text Box: Figure 8dining hall furnished with plastic chairs parked after lunchText Box: Figure 9 new kitchen structureA new kitchen structure was complete and with support from Imani it is furnished with plastic chairs and plastic tables. Plans are underway to see the complete construction of an administration block and at this stage, We Looking to a VFM with all classrooms, ablution block, kitchen and store and administration block.

Feeding in School

Figure 10 Pupils taking lunch

We have Kales and spinarch at our disposal at the resource centre in school. Thes products has reduced their costs at buying with one day. This means  we feed our children for one day from the resource centre hence saving money.During Holidays we sell the kales to the community at a cost for an income to  be used in other kitchen demands.


 It is a requirement that the ministry inspect the schools, the last two quarters we saw three inspection efforts that turned out positively; implementation of the new curriculum which is competency based was done, general condition of the school was inspected, teaching and learning materials were inspected including teacher licenses.

Child support program

This semiannual period, we identified 60 vulnerable children from VFM School whom we offered new school uniforms. This was extended to the neighboring schools too. It was joyous as the families received.

The school feeding program at VFM is amazing one, two meals keeps the children active in school, access to clean water is a special support to children.. The medical services at VFM ensures healthy children.

For VFM our feeding program and other child support programs has indicated 98% attendance. Families now changing their attitude to value education.

The church

The church being our partner conducted two spiritual session to all children in VFM School. The sessions aimed at building the morals of children and instill principles that may see their happy future.

The Challenge:

New curriculum which has come with a new budget of learning materials.

Way forward:

Community members contribution have been encouraged to a ratio of supporting a least two children with one book

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