Core Values

As VFM family we are bonded by the following principles/ values:

  • Accountability- at VFM we are accountable to all our stakeholders, we believe that any resource given to us is a self-sacrifice by the giver.
  • Stewardship    – children according to us are innocent and gifts from God, we therefore feel pride as we serve them and their families.
  • Transparency – it is also our belief that many negative questions from stakeholders are sign of mistrust and suspicion, we therefore do our business in a way that all our stakeholders understand.
  • Partners          – “we can do more together than we can on our own” this is our motto that in       partnership we can do much. We therefore value partners and partnerships.
  • Voluntarism – it is in our hearts that what we do can only be paid by God but can be appreciated by man.